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Non-Compliance Association

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Why I would never be a receptionist for this company ever again!



Senseless and annoying dialogues:

Ms.__ will be with you in about 2 min.– “But she said she would see me at exactly 10:00.”

(The only door in the room) You may go straight through that door. – “You mean that door?”

Did you leave a message on his voicemail when you called? – “No, because a machine came on.”

I'm sorry, Mr.__ won't be in the office today. – “Ok, but can I still speak to him please?”

Please sign our visitor’s log and you may have a seat. – “What to put, my name?”

I need to make copies of your documents. – “These are my originals you can’t keep them.”

Sorry, someone just took the key to the restroom.– "Yeah, but I need it, do you know who took it?"

I'm sorry Mr.__ no longer works here. – "Yes he does, he have told me so the other day?"


Even more annoying telephone calls...









Thank you for calling XYZ, how may I assist you?...


“Is this XYZ?”

"May I speak to my mommy __?"

“Is Ms. __ at her desk???”

“I just called to speak to Mr.__, but I think you just "hung" up on me.”

"May I speak to my daddy __?"

“You just transferred me to Ms.__, but she didn’t pick up, only her voice mail came on.”

“Hi, I’m on a cell, I need you to look in the phone directory and look up a number for me.”

"May I speak to my mommy __?"

"ah, um, ah yeah, ah, I, um, um, I, yeah I... aah"    "Click"

“Hi, I can’t remember the name of the person I spoke to yesterday, can you transfer me to them?

"May I speak to my mommy __?"





The Office of Non-Compliance Association - Office Humor 2006