How to get your coworkers to like you!





Tip 1.

Always help your co-workers finish their work assignments if they fall behind due to frequent net surfing and taking 3 hour lunches.


Tip 2.

If you're always well groomed and proficient with your work, this will bother some of your co-workers. Untidy yourself periodically and try to make your work a little more erroneous so they don't feel insecure or threatened by you.


Tip 3.

When you leave the office to go on your lunch, be sure to pick up everyone's lunch on your way back. This way they can go on their lunch when you get back and have more idle time in their hour for themselves.


Tip 4.

Now, if a co-worker always ask you to pick up their lunch on your way back and they always seem to "forget" to hand over their money, pay for it out your pocket and don't mention it.


Tip 5.

If a co-worker always ask you for a ride home everyday and they live out of your way, just do it and don't ask for gas money either.


Tip 6.

Always share your personal problems with your colleagues.


Tip 7.

Never get along well with the boss in front of your co-workers.








Tip 8.

Always lend out your money, share your lunch and give away your office supplies to everyone in the office.


Tip 9.

If a colleague always steals your credit or tells a big lie on you in front of the boss, don't defend yourself. Let it go.


Tip 10.

If someone in the office likes to gossip and spread rumors about you... go and tell them the truth, that way they won't spread lies anymore.


Tip 11.

Every year you should split up all your vacation time and sick leave among your colleagues.


Tip 12.

If a co-worker ask you to get the papers out the fax or printer and bring it to them because you're closer, get out your chair and do it with pleasure.


Tip 13.

If your boss offers you a promotion, decline and suggest they give it to someone else in the office.


Tip 14

When co-workers come around with their kid's school raffles and fund-raisers, buy as much as you can always.





The Office of Non-Compliance Association - Office Humor 2006