How to tell when you are getting fired!





When your boss stops asking "How are the kids" and start avoiding eye contact with you in the hallways.

When nervous looking people in business attire holding portfolios show up to your office stating they have an appointment to see your boss/supervisor.

When you are asked to train the new employee everything you know - no stones unturned whatsoever.

When the secretary or the confidential assistant to your boss starts telling you where they've seen "help wanted" signs during your office chatter.

When your colleagues routinely change the subject when you show up at the water cooler, you have now become the bad omen of the office and might be rendered contagious.

When your boss starts sending you odd and random memos all of a sudden, and about petty things they never seemed to care about before.

When you look in the Newspaper and see that your company has a job opening for a position that seems to be similar to your own.

When everyone in your office is scheduled to go to that mandatory training except you.

When your boss starts sharing out portions of your daily responsibilities to other employees, and you never seem to never know what is going on around the office anymore.

When you are given a difficult work assignment your boos knows you can never fulfill.

When everyone gets a new office computer, or needed supplies and upgrades except you.

When you come into work one day and your electronic key or network password seems to be expired for no reason.

When you come back from lunch to find unusual empty boxes near your desk or work-station.

When your boss ask you to come into their office 15 minutes before it's time to go home, and the security guy seems to be whistling and minding his own business, outside the boss' door.

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