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Is this a real company?  Disclaimer


Why did you create this website?  Sick and tired of evil bosses and wicked co-workers.


Does your boss or your co-workers know about this website?   They should, it's dedicated to them.


Is your job that bad you had to create a website?  Yes.


If you're that unhappy, why not get a different job?   I did, they're all the same.


Did you design the page web-sets and humor material on this website all by yourself?  Yes.


Can I use your material on my website or emails and pretend it's mine?  No.  Link it.


Do you know your writing, grammar and spelling suck?   Yes, but my boss is much worse. 


Are you male or female?  Willing to negotiate at this point to make office life easier.


What favorite sport do you enjoy?   Driving the car home from work.


How old are you?   Old enough to collect bills, and work in misery in order to pay them.


What is your personality like?   When I'm in the office, or when I'm out?


Did you lose your job or something?    Just my sanity.


I like your website, do you want to work for me?   No..


Will you be adding more stuff soon?   Yes.


Can I contact you?   Yes     



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Disclaimer:  All humor material and web graphics belongs to and is prohibited to be used on any other website or email transaction, a link would be greater  appreciated. This is a fictional Company. None of the above job descriptions or characters may reflect actual persons or any actual company in existence. This website was created out of fun and amusement.  Thank you.