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Employee Evaluation Form







Employee Name:  Ms. Shirley A. Victim                             Job Title: Cubicle Dweller                         

Evaluator:  Jack D. Sissy  (Supervisor)                                Date:  December 24, 2005







Areas of Performance




Attendance and Punctuality

This employee is always present and early to work, very unusual. I suspect employee is using office premises for overnight lodging. Unacceptable.

Knowledge of required skills

This employee can not read my mind as required. When I need something done, I almost always have to give employee instructions.

Amount of work performed

Employee can not multi-task. Answer calls, type, make copies, file, greet people, take cash and enter data at the exact same time equivalent to 3 employees.

Attitude & cooperation

Due to our employee open door policy, we expect all employees to share their personal problems with management & staff. This employee refused to participate.

Meeting work deadlines

Sometimes employee stays an hour after work claiming to meet deadlines. I suspect this is just a ploy to soon ask for overtime pay.

Work Initiative

None. When the air conditioning system broke down for 2 months, employee refused to work in the poorly ventilated office and left early like everyone else.

Acceptance & implementation of suggestions

When employee is being criticized, she smiles and nods in agreement while saying "thank you for telling me, I will do better". I find this cynical & suspicious.

Personal Appearance

Employee refuses to wear makeup due to "allergies". Therefore, appearance is unacceptable and not fitting to do clerical duties at our company.


Continue Employment         Terminate Employment


Evaluator's comments if employment is terminated


I want to recommend my cousin's friend for this position, she is very pretty and much more qualified.



Evaluator Signature:_________________________________ Date:__________

Employee Signature:_________________________________ Date:__________


*Employee signature indicates the employee has seen and discussed the evaluations report.

(It does in fact indicate agreement with all factors of the evaluation in a court of law unknown to employee).


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