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I hate my co-workers!

Baby handouts again??

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I hate my co-workers!


Boss Vador strikes again, nothing is ever good enough for this frantic lunatic. Everyone hates him except Slither, his spine-less news carrying servant. Pink Wolf got on my nerves today too with her acute perfection disorder. For a woman that makes sure all her desk accessories are the exact shade of pink, you would think she would see to it the hair on her chin gets removed regularly. Cubicle Troll has it out for me big time. He deliberately locked me in the office yesterday knowing I have to stay late every night until Mother Rabbit returns from maternity leave.. again.


Luckily Pack Rat the office supply thief, was still in the office waiting for everyone to leave and he had a key to let us out.  Well, at least I made an attempt to report Troll this morning. I heard Spider Boy saw him lock the door, so I asked him to stand up for me. He backed out at the last minute, and I should've known better too. Not only does he use his sticky tentacles to lift pens off your desk, but he's parallel to an insect, spine less. I bet Nag Hag told him not to do it, she hates me. A seventy six year old half-deaf nag who can't even figure out why there's a "wheel thing-ie" on top of the computer mouse.  Yet, every morning she reads the papers and wonders why so many young people sit and collect unemployment checks. -sigh


Posted by "?" on Friday


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Anonymous commenter said...


You're not anonymous!! The network administrator tracked your office computer and we found this blog url on the server. Now get back to work before I fire you for being a moron!








Baby handouts again??


I don't believe this. Pink Wolf is still bugging me about that baby shower donation. For so long I was supposed to turn it in for Mother Rabbit's office baby shower, which was three months ago. This was her fifth office baby shower in less than seven years. Well, I kept putting off Wolf until Mother Rabbit had the baby, which was three weeks ago. I figured I would have been off the hook by this time. Well I figured wrong and it's a shame too. I actually thought my hard earned tax money would have been quite sufficient already.


You know, come to think of it, a couple of us had nervous breakdowns in the office last year. I don't remember anyone giving or collecting hospital and Prozac donations. You know at this point, she should allow me to claim one of her children on my tax. This is more than ridiculous, I have to put my foot down.  I don't even want to see any more of those kiddie school donations/raffles things from anyone else in the office at this point on.


Posted by "?" on Thursday









More paper work!


Everywhere I turn paper and more paper is in my face. Where did all this darn paper work come from? I just knew I should have asked for a written job description when I first came to work here.  Now I'm paying for it up to my neck with paperwork on my desk to complete. You would think with the computer era these idiots would utilize this modern revelation. The office manager walks around saying "make accuracy with speed your best friend at the end of the day". Oh yeah, keep it up with all this paper work and I'll make the shredder my best friend at the end of the day.


Posted by "?" on Wednesday







Need a good excuse


Everybody is driving me NUTS. I need a really good excuse to stay home from work. At this point I'm hoping to get jury duty in the mail, if not, pink eye or pneumonia would do. The only practical solution I can think of is to follow someone in the office who has a cold and pray I catch it. Oh well, I guess I could always pretend to get carpal tunnel syndrome or "accidentally" throw myself down the office stairs in front of witnesses. Maybe I should stay late in the office until the exterminator guy comes. I could tell everyone I inhaled the fumes, or maybe he might be willing to say he accidentally squirt some in my eye. Well, maybe someone might call in a bomb treat tomorrow or something, I always use the payphone on the second floor.


Posted by "?" on Tuesday








New Blog


I guess I'm trying out this blogging thing, don't know what to write yet. From the looks of things in the office today, I'm sure an inspiration will come up soon enough.


posted by "?" on Monday









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